Futures For Children Pancake Recipes For You And Little Ones

Pancake Day Ideas

Futures For Children Pancake Ideas

With Pancake Day nearly here we have compiled a quick overview of fun, quick and easy ideas for you and any little pancake chef’s.


Jaguar pancake:
(Makes 1 large pancake)

2 large American style pancakes
1 strawberry
1 tsp hazelnut chocolate spread
½ small banana
1 grape
2 blueberries

 Lets Go

1.       Firstly, prepare the fruit. Cut the stalk from one small strawberry and then chop in half (lengthways). Peel a small banana and chop 2 thick slices.

2.       With one of the pancakes, carefully cut out two triangles, to make the ears, and two small circles for the muzzle.

3.       Now for the messy bit! Using the blunt end of a knife, spread little patches of hazelnut chocolate spread on the pancake to create the Jaguar’s ‘spots’. We also dotted some spread on the circles that make up the mouth (where the whiskers would be).

4.       Finally, assemble the face. Use the triangles of pancake made earlier as ears, placing the strawberry halves on top. Next create the eyes using the two slices of banana with a small blueberry on top of each one. Make the mouth and nose using the two smaller circles of pancake and adding the halved grape on top.

5.       Enjoy your yummy jaguar pancake!

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