Interview With Former Futures For Children Looked-after-child

Interview With Chelsea, Our Futures For Children Care Leaver

Take a look into the world of fostering from a different perspective.

Meet Chelsea, a former Futures For Children looked-after-child. Chelsea grew up in foster care from a young age.
To be more precise she grew up within Futures For Children placements and we are proud to say she has gone on to achieve so much, for not only herself but also for the looked-after-children within the company.
Futures For Children was co-founded by an adult that had experienced the care system as a child, his experience and understanding has helped shape Futures For Children into what it is today. It is people like Chelsea who help us continue this tradition of children's voices being heard.
Chelsea's experiences have not only helped Futures For Children to provide important information to those enquiring into the world of fostering but her personal experience of foster care, within our company, has also been beneficial to our very own fostering panel. Chelsea's assistance at panel has provided us with a new and unique viewpoint; presenting the company with unparalleled knowledge and expertise to ensure the child or young person's needs are taken into account at every opportunity within the fostering assessment process and onward.
Chelsea's story shines a light on the ability of our looked-after-children and how, with the right support, they can help build a better tomorrow for all looked-after-children.

Here is her story...


Hi Chelsea, Could you provide a little background on yourself and how you are connected to Futures For Children? 

I was taken into care at the age of 7 due to neglect and abuse. I was looked after by Futures For Children and carers that worked for the agency. I remained in care until the age of 18.

What is your most positive memory of Futures For Children?

My most positive memory from Futures For Children would be some of the carers that I was placed with. Looking back on my experience, I can tell the carers really wanted to make a positive impact on my life.

Do you still have contact with anyone from Futures For Children?

Yes I do! Regina and David were the first family I was looked after by. I lived with them for a total of about 6 years, they were by far the best family I ever lived with. To this day i am still in contact with Regina and visit her up in Norfolk, where she moved to. To me,  they are some of the 

closest family I have. Even now they always remain supportive of me and push me to achieve the best I can in all areas of my life. I would say that most of my morals and the way i present myself now is down to this wonderful family.
I also remain in contact with a lovely lady called Polly, although I am not as close with her she was an excellent carer and I would always recommend her to anyone.

What piece of advice would you give to some one that is thinking of fostering? 

Always show unconditional love! The fostering journey may not always be a smooth one. The simplest of acts, such as showing you care can have a profound effect on a child. It truly can be the impact on which path a child will take in later life.

How do you think your experience of fostering has positively shaped the person you're today? 

I was lucky enough to have experienced some fantastic care. In a way, even though I was looked after by different families and it wasn't always smiles and rainbows, I feel like have taken a little bit from every one of my carers and feel this has, and will continue, to shape me as a person.

What advice would you give to a looked after child that might be reading this interview?

I would advise them to take advantage of the care they will receive, and never be too scared to ask for what they want or need!

Thank you Chelsea

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We have taken some time to work with our current foster carers to provide an insight into fostering with Futures For Children; a real honest insight.  

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