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Internet Safety 
Young People
The internet can be a great place to learn, play games, and talk to your friends, but it's important to remember to stay safe online! 

Explore our internet safety page for advice and guidance on staying safe online. 
The Interland game is free and web-based so its accessible to everyone.
“In this imaginary world of four lands, kids combat hackers, phishers, oversharers and bullies, practising the skills they need to be good digital citizens,” Google’s Vice President of Engineering for kids and families, Pavni Diwanji, wrote in a Tuesday blog post.

Play the game by clicking the title above!

Learn with CEOP 

Scrub up on your Internet safety knowledge by watching CEOP's great videos. 

Check out our new games! 

Remember to screenshot your top score and show it to your Supervising Social Worker. You may even get a prize!

Why not create your own Scratch game to be featured on our website?

Can you beat the enemy in the ultimate game of Pong?
Can you help Giga dodge all the falling stars?
Hey! Help our penguin catch as many snowflakes as possible! 
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