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Supporting Back-To-School Anxiety  

With the 1st day of school fast approaching we understand that your children and young people may have some fear and anxiety around returning to school after the Coronavirus 'lockdown'.

We had a chat with some of our Supervising Social Workers to find out their top tips of how to handle back to school jitters.  

One idea which I have used in the past for children struggling at times to manage separation from carers and I think for some children this may become apparent when they return to school after such a long time off. The child and carer can cut out a heart shape from something, either paper or material and each keeps one throughout the day. The child is told whenever they feel they are missing home or missing the carer, they can hold the heart and know the carer will be holding theirs close. This doesn’t have to be a heart, it could be anything that the child relates to. The idea is the carer and child have a shared item so the child knows the carer will miss them too but they can hold the heart and think of the other until its home time.
Another idea is to get a 'hope' or 'plan' jar and each time they think of something to do after school they can put the idea in a jar then each day they come home they get to pick out the jar."

Take a look below at some more of our top tips!

  • Go through the routine of what will happen when you go back to school, maybe even physically do the journey etc to remind your child about school. 
  • ​​​​Visualise going to school and discuss stories they have of their friends, fun activities they've experienced and memories of their teachers.
  • ​​​​Get things ready in advance like their uniform, shoes and bag.
  • ​​​​Reassure them that it is OK to feel nervous and worried - everyone does.
  • ​​​​Listen to the children- try to hear what they are worried about.
  • ​​​​Worry monster or a worry box- where they can write their worries and then put them in and forget them.
  • ​​​If possible consider contacting the school to ask for a video call with the teachers.
  • ​​​​Check-in with them to see how they are feeling. Their emotions may change regularly and a calming, proactive conversation may help to ease them.
  • ​​​​Explain that there are things we can't control in life and the pandemic is one but we CAN control some things in the fight against the pandemic such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, practicing social distancing.
  • ​​​​Look at the positives! 
Lastly, we want to acknowledge that is may also be a stressful time for you! Make sure you are taking steps to care for yourself and remember not to suffer in silence. 

During the Summer of 2019 an article was released from an interview with a young carer whose situation had become so desperate that she felt like there was no option but to ‘put herself into foster care’. At age 15, Laura Kinsley, spent nine months in foster care after not receiving adequate support. Read more here.   

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