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Interested in becoming a Foster Carer?

We're pleased that you would like to register your interest in fostering with Futures Group.

To give your application the best chance please ensure you meet the prerequisites below:
  • Have a spare bedroom
  • Are over 21 years of age (there is no upper age limit)
  • Have experience of interacting with children or young people

We're always looking for foster carers from different cultural, religious and racial backgrounds, single people, couples (whether married or living together, with or without children). Together we can make a difference to children's lives.

We Support Our Foster Carers

Named Supervising Social Workers
Once approved you will receive ongoing support from a named qualified and experienced Social Worker.
  • Named Supervising Social Workers
  • Induction Training Programme
  • TSD Standards
  • Supervision Meetings
  • Support Groups
  • ​Education Consultants​
  • Therapeutic Service
  • Training​
  • Telephone Support
  • Out of Hours Service
  • Financial Support
  • Respite
  • Individual membership to Fostering Network
Induction Training Programme
Following your approval you will be invited to attend a 'Foundation Course' which will give you further advice and training to prepare you for your placement.
TSD Standards
Support to achieve a national qualification designed specifically for new foster carers over your first year of fostering.
Supervision Meetings
Supervision meetings usually take place at your home on a monthly basis, although this can be increased if needed.
Support Groups

These meetings provide opportunities to meet with other foster carers and share their experiences as well as hearing from Social Workers about any developments in the organisation and the wider world of fostering.

Education Consultants
Access to consultants who are available to support children and young people’s education.
Therapeutic Service
Access to our Therapeutic Service providing specific support to foster carers at times of stress.
Each foster carer has an Individual Development Plan; your Supervising Social Worker will complete this with you and identify your specific training and development needs.
Telephone Support
Access to telephone support is available to all foster carers during working hours. This could be available through the local office or directly through mobile phone access. There is always someone at the end of the phone.
Out of Hours Service
A telephone advice line is available outside of working hours 365 days a year.
Financial Support
Regular payments exceeding the Fostering Network Payment Guidelines are made to each fostering household with a placement.
Foster carers will be entitled to respite in line with the child’s Care Plan.
Membership to Fostering Network
This allows foster carers access to the services provided by this recognised body.

We want for children what we want for ourselves: to achieve our potential no matter where we come from or which challenges we

meet along the way.

- Nick Barnsby, Director

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