Have You Got What It Takes To Become A Foster Carer? We Think So



Who Can Foster?

We here at Futures For Children have a diverse range of fostering families, from all walks of life and all types of backgrounds. We welcome applications from single people, couples, Home Owners, Renters, the list is endless.
Whatever your ethnic background, religious beliefs and sexual orientation it does not impact your ability to be an amazing Foster Carer!

As long as you have the ability to care for and nurture a child then that's all that really matters. 

Support We Provide Foster Carers

Futures for Children are committed to providing our foster carers with a support service that is accessible and effective.

    • Ongoing Support From a Named Supervising Social Worker.
    • Training Courses to allow you to be the best Foster Carer you can be.
    • Support to achieve a National Qualification specifically for Foster Carers.
    • A Minimum of 1 Monthly Supervision Meeting, but it can be increased to allow you all the support you need.
    • A community of Foster Carers and Social Workers meet for Support Groups. Ensuring you are always well supported.
    • Education Consultants are available to support Looked After Children with their education.
    • Access to our Therapeutic Service for specific support in times of stress.
    • Individual Development Plans to help with your training,
    • We are always there whatever the time, Our Telephone Support and 365 Out Of Hours Service ensures we are always there at the other end of a phone.
    • Foster Carer regular payments which exceed guidelines.
    • Respite is available to Foster Carers, in line with the child's Care Plan
    • Membership to the Fostering Network

What Do You Need To Become A Foster Carer?

  • A spare bedroom.
  • Experience of interacting with children and young people.
  • If in a relationship, you will need to show that it is stable and settled.
  • A caring personality, the time and energy to devote to a child.
  • Be over 21 years of age. There is no upper age limit as long as you are physically and mentally fit.
  • No serious criminal convictions. If you have been convicted of any violent or serious crimes against children or young people, you will not be able to proceed any further. However, some convictions may not discount you and should be disclosed at the beginning of the assessment process.
  • A good level of verbal and written English.
  • A commitment to the assessment process which builds a picture of your history and life experience.

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