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We have compiled a list of books recommended by our staff aimed at foster carers or anyone interested in learning more about fostering to help offer support, guidance and an insight into the world of fostering. 

A Child's Journey Through Placement By Vera Fahlberg

A Child's Journey Through Placement is a compassionate book that aims to give the tools to help carers, parents and professionals who support children through placement into adulthood.

This book covers the significance of attachment, separation, developmental stages and guidance on minimising the trauma of moves. It also features practical advice on managing behaviour and direct work with children, in this book you will also find case studies and exercises to aid learning.

Building the Bonds of Attachment by Daniel Hughes

Building the Bonds of Attachment is aimed to help carers, parents and professionals who are looking to assist children with reactive attachment disorder. This book shares case studies of one child's developmental course following years of abuse and neglect.

This practical book offers effective methods and strategies to facilitate a child's psychological development and attachment security.

The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting By Sarah Naish

The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting gives carers, parents and professionals an easy process to use when responding to issues with their children. This book offers 60 common problems that parents and carers might face, from acting aggressively to difficulties sleeping, offering advice on triggers and how to respond.

This book is effective for children with attachment difficulties and children who have experienced childhood trauma.

Hackney Child By Hope Daniels and Morag Livingstone

Hackey Child is an emotional true story of surviving poverty and the care system.

This book follows Hope Daniels, age 9, who walks into Stoke Newington Police Station with her younger brothers and requests to be taken into care. For Hope, home life was intolerable with both Hope's parents suffering from alcohol abuse, Hope was hounded by vigilante neighbours and vulnerable to the behaviour of her parents' drunk friends. This story shows their survival during the year 1983 as the Daniels children live in poverty, neglect and being barely nourished.

Raising Wildcats by Lynn Beth

Raising Wildcats is a book aimed at parenting children in foster care and aims to help you understand the tough issues that may arise caused by lack of nurturing during the early months.

This book has been tried and tested by writer, Lynn, who adopted a child from China, and many other foster families, helping you to overcome the challenges created by early childhood abuse, neglect, institutionalisation and trauma.

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