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Empty Nest Syndrome 

Has your child grown up and moved out this Summer? You might be feeling a mix of emotions, excited for the new adventure in their lives, relaxed at the thought of a quiet space or you may be feeling worried and lost, you've spent years caring for someone and they have now "flown the nest" into the big wide world. Did you know this feeling is called "empty nest syndrome?" 

What is empty nest syndrome?

Empty nest syndrome is not a clinical disorder or diagnosis but it's an occurrence which leaves parents and carers feeling a sense of grief, 

depression or a loss of purpose once their child has left home - whether they've gone to uni or moved out. 

These feelings are natural and the key is to acknowledge these feelings and keep your mind busy!

There’s plenty of things out there you can do; join a new club, attend a support group or rediscover an old hobby!

Why foster? 

Every year thousands of new foster families are needed in England. As from March 2020 it's estimated that 12 million children are living in England with just under 400,000 in the social care system at any one time. That's a lot of children and young people looking for a loving home. 

Fostering is an amazing thing to do, it's providing a home to a child or young person who needs one. Giving them love, time, support and lots of basic things that they may have not ever experienced before. 

Why are they in care? 

Many reasons lead to children and young people needing a foster home such as illness within the family, relationship problems, family breakdown, alcohol and/or drug issues or when a child or young person is being abused. Foster carers play a vital role in providing a safe, secure and stable environment. 

Could you foster with us? 

You’ve already experienced raising a family, you’ve been there for your children through the good days and the bad. You’ve supported your child and created memories you will never forget. With the skills and experience you already have, this will benefit you through the fostering process. 

It's important to take the time to research different agencies and discuss with your family if fostering is something you would like to do. To help with your decision we can send you an information pack which will go into more detail of what fostering is all about, what we can offer and what the next steps are. 

So you might be wondering what exactly we are looking for? There are some prerequisites to start your fostering journey. 

  • ​You must have a spare bedroom 
  • ​Over the age of 21 (there is no upper age limit) 
  • ​Be a full-time resident in the UK or have leave to remain 
What is the fostering process? 

The fostering process starts with you getting in touch with us - don't worry it's not as scary as it may seem. You can get in touch by requesting an information pack through our website, using our live chat, sending us a Facebook message or giving us a call. We do like to have a chat over the phone once you've received your information pack just to find out what you are looking for whether you are just researching or you might feel that you are ready to apply. 

Want to find out what's involved in the fostering process? Click the image below. 

Still not sure if fostering is for you? 

You may have lots of questions about fostering which relate to your individual circumstances. Our staff are available to answer your questions in more detail over the phone but we have done our best to answer most of our frequently asked questions over on our YouTube channel. 

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Interested in Becoming a Foster Carer?

We're pleased that you would like to register your interest in fostering with Futures Group.

To give your application the best chance please ensure you meet the prerequisites below:
  • Have a spare bedroom
  • Are over 21 years of age (there is no upper age limit)
  • Have experience of interacting with children or young people

We're always looking for foster carers from different cultural, religious and racial backgrounds, single people, couples (whether married or living together, with or without children). Together we can make a difference to children's lives.

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