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Who Are We?

We Are A Fostering Company Built By Foster Carers

Futures for Children is part of the Futures Group and was established in 1999.
Here is our story...

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to think about the possibility of becoming a foster carer. It's a big decision, and it's important to get it right.

Between other agencies becoming commodities bought and sold by overseas bankers and venture capitalists, and cash-strapped Local Authorities rushing to the cheapest options and slashing services - it can often feel like a race to the bottom in terms of quality and care. You only have to look to distressing stories of care services for the elderly to see the dangers of putting profit before people.

But Futures for Children refuses to become a penny-pinching service. We have never been bought or sold, and our founders remain at the heart of our organisation. Among our team, you’ll meet foster carers, social workers and parents, with one of our Directors even growing up in care. It is this rich and varied lived experience that gives us our unique understanding of foster families.

And it’s a testament to our commitment to providing excellent support to staff and foster families, that owners of other agencies have not looked simply for the highest bidder, but instead entrusted us to continue their brilliant work. Again and again, retiring owners have placed their companies into the hands of Futures for Children, knowing that we will look after their carers and children.

As Futures for Children grew in age, we too have grown in size. We have now welcomed Fostering Options, Time for Children and Foster Care Solutions to join a group determined to provide the best possible service.

Maybe you’re new to fostering, or maybe you’ve experienced first-hand the takeovers and cutbacks in other agencies. But, if you want to become a foster carer and work for a company that places children and carers at the forefront of their philosophy, you should get in touch.

As the original owner and founder of the company, as a parent, a foster carer and a social worker, I look forward to meeting you.

- Nick

Meet Our Wonderful Team

Julie Mountney - Asst. Director


Senior Administrator


Supervising Social Worker


Supervising Social Worker


Recruitment & Marketing

What We Provide...

Futures for Children provides fostering placements for children and young people who will have experienced trauma in their lives, either through neglect, physical injury, emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse. We acknowledge that these young people are often overwhelmed by these events and are unable to find appropriate ways of dealing with them, which will inevitably present a wide range of behaviours.

Finding Solutions...

At Futures for Children we acknowledge that, along with these more challenging behaviours, every young person will also have acquired many skills and strengths which have enabled them to survive their experiences thus far. Whilst we do not believe that it is the child’s responsibility to solve the problem, it is our aim to assist them in building on these strengths and skills to find acceptable solutions to their own particular circumstances.

Skills and Training...

If you decide to become a foster carer for us we will aim to equip you with the appropriate skills and training to work with the child in such a way that it facilitates joint growth and solutions which will eventually enable young people to return home successfully, move on to a more permanent placement, or achieve independent living; whichever is in accordance with their Care Plan.

We want for children what we want for ourselves: to achieve our potential no matter where we come from or which challenges we meet along the way."
- Nick Barnsby, Director

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* All our carers are paid above the Fostering Network Payment Guidelines.

(Made to each fostering household with a placement).

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