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Meet Kazz

Meet Kazz...

Kazz has been a foster carer with us since 2019. She has had several placements, ranging from respite to long-term. She is a single carer and a mum of 4.

We interviewed her to find out more about her past and current placements, why she chose our agency, and what she likes about being a foster carer.

Being a foster carer is incredibly rewarding, as Kazz also agrees. Watching the child in your care change and grow throughout their time staying with you, as they learn and mature, makes it all worthwhile.

If Kazz's story has inspired you in any way, you can enquire to foster with us below.

Watch Kazz explain why she chose our agency and advice she would give to new single carers

Kazz tells us about her current placement and her favourite fostering memory

Supporting your young person's cultural background

At Futures For Children, we believe it is important to match our children and carers based on culture, religion, and cultural understanding. It is important they feel safe, understood and comfortable being themselves around their foster family.

Kazz explains the importance of knowing how to treat your young person's personal needs when they are of a different culture or religion than your own.

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