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A little story about how animals can make you feel better if you are sad...

It's National Cat Day today! 

National Cat Day encourages you to simply appreciate your feline friends! You don't need to tell us twice. 

One of our most frequently asked questions is "can you foster if you have pets?" And the simple answer is yes, we do complete a pet assessment to make sure your pet is friendly and safe to be around children but we believe animals can be extremely beneficial for looked-after-children and young people. 

One of our lovely members of staff sent us a story about how animals can make you feel better if you are feeling sad for you to share with your children and young people. 

"This is Minnie. Minnie was adopted from a rescue centre eight and a half years ago. Her humans are not really sure how old she is; somewhere between about 11 and 15 years old! Minnie (or Min as she’s usually known – among other names such as Minnie the Minx, Minnie Min-ster, Minniesta and Chicken Pie) likes her own space. When she was first adopted, she lived in a one-bedroom flat and she ruled the roost! Now she lives in a house with 2 sets of stairs to climb up and down, but she likes to spend most of her time in the bedroom at the top of the house, which has everything she needs: her food, a drink of water, comfy beds to sleep on (see pic for bunk-beds) and her bathroom. 

Min loves head scratches and chin scratches, in fact she will come and head-bump you, or nudge you with her paw if she wants a head scratch and you haven’t noticed her sat next to you. If the head-bump and paw aren’t enough to grab your attention, she will give you ‘claw-paw’, which as the name suggests is a nudge with her paw, then the claws extend very slowly into your arm. Juuuust enough! Min also loves naps laying on her back (especially when it’s hot) and chewing and rolling on Cat-Mint, when she goes for a little stroll in the garden. 

Min is known for being quite grumpy, she doesn’t very much like her younger brothers, who, when they’re not napping on the ironing board, just want to play and chase each other. (She keeps them in their place, though).  She also doesn’t very much like it when her humans are sad. She gets very worried if one of them is crying and will go and sit next to them until they smile at her and then sometimes they have a little chuckle at how sweet she is and give her a stroke and it makes them feel better."

    During the Summer of 2019 an article was released from an interview with a young carer whose situation had become so desperate that she felt like there was no option but to ‘put herself into foster care’. At age 15, Laura Kinsley, spent nine months in foster care after not receiving adequate support. Read more here.   

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