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Plastic Free July 

Plastic Free July is an annual campaign, which takes place every year. This movement encourages people to reduce their plastic consumption so we can improve our oceans, have cleaner communities, conserve natural resources and protect our wildlife. 

We were sent this fantastic video from Crista Buznea which gives us some tips on how to address the challenges caused by single-use plastics.

Looking for more ways to cut down the amount of plastic you use? 

Take a look at our top tips below.

    - Carry a reusable bottle. 

    - Avoid excessive food packaging. Why not look for loose fruit and veg?

    - Say no to disposable plastic cutlery. Why not carry your own cutlery in your bag? 

    - Use refill stations. We are seeing a rise in zero waste shopping which means you can bring your own container from home and weigh the goods you want to buy. From pasta, oats, spices, detergents, the list goes on! 

    - Carry a shopping bag. Since the plastic bag charge in England we've seen a major drop in their use, small changes like this can make a huge difference. 

    - Consider buying solid toiletries. There are plenty of plastic-free options for toiletries. Can't find one that you like? You could also try to DIY toiletry items. 

      During the Summer of 2019 an article was released from an interview with a young carer whose situation had become so desperate that she felt like there was no option but to ‘put herself into foster care’. At age 15, Laura Kinsley, spent nine months in foster care after not receiving adequate support. Read more here.   

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