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Saying goodbye to your foster child

When it is time for a child to leave their placement with you, it can be a sad and difficult time for both you and the child. Although it is something you know was going to happen, it can still feel like a shock when the time finally comes.

We have a list of ways you can prepare both you and the child for their departure.

Saying goodbye:

• Remember this was an important step for the foster child. The aim of fostering is to give the child a loving and safe home until they can return to their birth family or until they are at the age of independence, and you did exactly that!

• Recognise all you have achieved through your journey together and give yourself time to celebrate this. This way you can keep a positive mindset.

• If the young person is transitioning into adult life, help them prepare for their move and support them through their new journey in life.

• If the child is going home let them take home a souvenir as a reminder of your time together.

• Remember that although this may be the end of the child's foster journey, it is not yours! Wait patiently and prepare yourself for the next child who will need your love and support.

Our support for you:

You are not alone in feeling emotional as your foster child leaves your home. Every foster carer goes through the same emotions as you, and that is how you can all support each other! You can always reach out to other foster carers in meetings and support groups if you feel you need someone to talk to.

Our social workers also understand how it can be difficult, so they are on hand to speak to if you need advice and support.

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