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String Spring Egg DIY  

Spring celebrations may be slightly different this year, but it doesn’t mean they still can’t be special.

There are plenty of activities you can do this weekend, perhaps an Egg Hunt? A virtual video chat with loved ones? Or maybe your young person could get involved in making a delicious feast!

If you are looking to keep everyone busy this weekend then take a look at how to make these egg-cellent Spring Eggs. 

 Beware they are messy but eggstremely cute!

    During the Summer of 2019 an article was released from an interview with a young carer whose situation had become so desperate that she felt like there was no option but to ‘put herself into foster care’. At age 15, Laura Kinsley, spent nine months in foster care after not receiving adequate support. Read more here.   

    Take a look below! 

    What you will need 

    • ​Embroidery Floss or Yarn
    • ​Balloons - we used water balloons 
    • ​PVA glue 
    • ​Vaseline 
    • ​Scissors 
    • ​Grease proof paper 


    1. Firstly, blow up your balloons. If you are using water balloons like us you may want to use a balloon pump, we used good old-fashioned lung power!

    2. Set up a drying station. You could use grease proof paper, or you could pin up the eggs using a clothes pin on a clothesline or on a rack.

    3. Cut the embroidery floss, we cut them around arm’s length and used around 6 pieces for each balloon. Use all your favourite colours, the brighter the better!

    4. Mix a bowl of glue with a little bit of cold water. You want the glue to be runny enough to soak the thread.

    5. Next, rub Vaseline all over your balloon, if you haven’t got any Vaseline, cooking oil works too. Without Vaseline or oil, the string will stick to the balloon and will collapse once popped. (We learned the hard way!)

    6. Now the fun part! Take one piece of thread and pop it into your bowl of glue, make sure you cover all the thread with glue. Take the end of the thread and wring out the glue between your fingers to get off any extra glue whilst pulling it out of your bowl.

    7. Wrap the thread around the balloon and repeat the steps with the other pieces of thread. There’s no wrong or right way to wrap the balloon, just do what looks good to you!

    8. Lastly, pin-up or place your balloon on your grease proof paper to dry. We left our balloons for 24 hours. After your thread is dry, ask an adult to help you pop the balloon. Notice the funny creaky noise it makes when you pop them!

    Make sure to send us in your String Spring Egg creations! 

    We can’t wait to see them. 

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