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The New Normal 

Male young carer looking after an older lady

As we all prepare ourselves for emerging into the new normal there is part of me that is getting quite adjusted to the intermediate normal.

I suppose it is an example of institutionalisation, whatever we are used to we are reluctant to let go. I think of children we take into care living in appalling circumstances and yet not wanting to leave home because however bad it is, it is familiar, it takes a while for them to let go of the old normal and adjust to whatever normal has become.

I have always wondered what it is like for our children and young people to be uprooted from their family and placed in a new family and been amazed at how quickly they adjust, despite their initial fear of change.

I guess having the definition of normal change around us is a small taste of what they go through, a loss of the familiar, and a new lifestyle.

It is the longest period that I have not physically seen my family as well and I begin to get a small taste of what it must be like for our looked after children.

I have always been curious about how resilient they are, and how quickly they adjust, and now I find myself in a slightly similar position, I have become familiar with lockdown and am shocked at how I have become used to it, and just like the children fear change, I have some fear of change to a new normal.

Logically I know that it should be an easier adjustment to go from lockdown to the new normal than the adjustment we have all already made from normal to lockdown.

Psychologically if I have made one transition it should be straightforward to adjust. But like the children living in deprivation even when someone offers me more, part of me is still a little fearful of change and wants to cling on to what is now familiar.

Whatever your family situation I hope that you are able to enjoy the easing of the lockdown, and that you and your families stay safe and well."

- Nick, Director 

Heroes of Covid-19 

Inspired by one of our wonderful carers and her children we are happy to share with you "Heroes of Covid-19".   

This book is suitable for all ages and helps young people to express their feelings and discuss their own experiences of Covid-19.   

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